Advanced Photography Enhancement Course

All professional photographers enhance their pictures.  If they say that they don't enhance their pictures, they are lying!

It is also the source of great frustration for most non-professional photographers.  When your pictures don't look like the pros, non-professionals assume its because of the camera, but it isn't.  It is because professionals enhance their pictures.

Learn the techniques professional photographers use to enhance their pictures.

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These are great courses! The lessons are conveniently short and to-the-point.  Photographers of all levels will benefit from them.

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Enhance Your Pictures the Right Way

You want to enhance the colors in your photos; not change them.  We teach you the RIGHT WAY to enhance colors.

Color Original

This is a picture of turning grape leaves in the fall.  The camera captures all the colors, but they don't look all that impressive.

Bad Adjustment

The saturation adjustment is the go-to adjustment for most photographers (Pros included), but saturation ruins the colors and reduces highlights.

Enhanced Our Way

Using our techniques, the color is more rich, the highlights are retained and the colors don't run together like they do with the saturation adjustment.

Enhance to Highlight Features

The Goal of this Enhancement is to Draw Attention to the Lion's Eyes

Original - As Shot

This is a picture taken with a 10-year-old, 2 megapixel camera.  It needs help.

Pro Enhancement

By highlighting the eyes and darkening the forehead, the image comes alive.

Enhance to Balance Light

The Goal of this Enhancement is to Balance the Light

Original - As Shot

With the sunset in the background, we had to turn down the flash to keep from getting too much shine on the boy's face; leaving him dark.  But this picture is exactly what I wanted; enough light on the boy and a sky that is not too bright.

Balanced Light

Three separate adjustments were made: 1) lighten the boy and the up-close water; 2) darken the sky and sunset; 3) warm-up (add yellow to) the water behind the boy's head.  The enhancements make this image a keeper.

Enhance to Alter Surroundings

The Goal of this Enhancement is Bring Out the Water and Rocks without Affecting the Subject

Original - As Shot

With fading light, even the amazing color of the Caribbean can look dull.

Enhanced Water and Rocks

Without affecting the subject, we've enhanced the water and the rocks in the background.

Make Choices Like a Pro

Knowing What is Possible with Computer Enhancement Helps You Make the Right Choices when Taking Pictures

Learn What is Possible

Take pictures with enhancement in mind, so there is enough light to work with but not so much that you lose detail.

Enhance Like a Pro

Learn the software techniques used by professional photographers to balance light and highlight parts of the image.

Create Photo Art

With the skills in this course, you can create timeless images, lasting memories, and pro-quality art.


Professional Photographer

These courses are an amazing resource. Topics that I had only read previously in a photo book are presented clearly and are much easier to understand through the video lessons. I was most impressed by the post-pro coverage on enhancement; skills that everyone with a camera should learn.

What You Will Learn in This Photography Enhancement Course

Professional Enhancement Techniques and Methods

  • Learn what pros do to make their subject stand out
  • The THREE WAYS professionals apply localized enhancements
  • Learn how to fix bad lighting after the fact
  • How to make each picture look the same as your eyeball sees it (or better)
  • How to de-emphasize distracting objects without Photoshoping them
  • How to make the finished image sharper and clearer than the original image
  • And More ...

Color Enhancement (Included)

  • Learn how to make colors pop off the page
  • Learn how each editing adjustment affects your pictures, so you can enhance your pictures with confidence
  • Learn the BEST WAYS to enhance pictures on a budget
  • Learn the FASTEST WAYS to get pro-quality results
  • Learn the camera features that affect color and how to use them
  • How to improve colors without ruining skin tones
  • Learn which adjustments (even those used by some pros) to avoid completely
  • And more ...

Image Correction (Bonus)

  • Learn about file types, compression and common camera and lens flaws.
  • Learn how to correct common flaws (and what NOT to do).
  • Learn the specific order you need to use when correcting image flaws
  • How to prepare your digital images for the best printed results
  • And More ...


Start Enhancing Pictures like a Pro Today!



Our online courses are accessed exclusively on the Web. All content is hosted “in the Cloud.” The video content is not downloadable and is not available on DVD or Blu-ray, but is instead streamed online and requires an active internet connection.

Once purchased, student access to the content will expire in 12 months. Students may login to the class content at any time during those 12 months.


We have children too.  All of our courses are appropriate for all ages.  Everyone featured in our lessons is fully clothed.  We do not use profanity.  Our goal is to teach you photography; plain and simple.

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