Better Methods. Better Pictures.

You'll learn to take great photos through modern teaching techniques that make learning fast and effortless.

Proven Teaching Methods

Our course is designed to help you learn photography easily using no less than 10 proven teaching strategies.


Small, self-contained lessons


Grouping smaller units into larger chunks to improve memory


Organizing lessons into related groups to reinforce relationships

Hierarchy of Needs

Teaching basic things before teaching complex things

Inverted Pyramid

Presenting information in descending order of importance

Progressive Disclosure

Showing only what is necessary at the time

Rosetta Stone

Explaining concepts using elements of common understanding


Explain similar concepts in similar ways

Advance Organizer

Explaining new information in terms you already know

Picture Superiority

Pictures are easier to remember than words.  We have over 1200 examples!

Improve Your Skills

You learn photography gradually through 11 modules; each more advanced than before.

General Composition

Most people are not born with an eye for composition.  Thankfully, everyone can learn principles that will make your pictures look so good, no one will ever know that your gift didn't come naturally.  Our first module introduces you to general composition; placement, proportion and cropping ... along with the camera features that help you line things up.

Advanced Composition

Our second module builds on what you learned in Module 1.  You will take your composition to new heights as you master a variety of composition challenges including: diagonals, circles, symmetry and complex mixtures of these elements.

Adding Depth to Photography

In this module, you learn how to generate a sense of depth to your pictures that makes you feel as though you could reach into them.  You'll learn how to use the features around your subject to make it look nearer or farther from the camera.  Some of the techniques you learn involve light variation, patterns, lines, size, curves, overlap and more.

Creating Interest

In this module, we'll take you from picture taking to story telling.  Sometimes it's what isn't in the picture that makes the most impact.

Image Correction

Not everyone is an image geek (like us).  If you aren't that serious; no worries. You can skip this module (for now). But if you want to be an image geek, you'll need to do your corrections before you enhance your pictures (that is why we put this advanced topic in front of our enhancement modules).  

General Enhancement

Make your pictures pop off the screen (the right way).  The trick to enhancing colors is to leave the colors alone and mess with the blacks and whites.  You can do a great job of this with the software that comes with your camera ... if you know how the different adjustments work together.  You'll be pumping up the color on your pictures in no time.

Advanced Enhancement

One of the big differences between professional pictures and amateur pictures is the little things pros do when enhancing pictures.  You'll learn the methods pros use to take their pictures way beyond ordinary.

Black & White Enhancement

Black and white is the opposite of color in almost every way.  In fact, enhancing black and white pictures is more about the colors in the picture than it is about the blacks and whites.  You'll learn to see in black and white, and make decisions that will make for awesome black and white images.

Lighting Principles and Methods

Whether you use studio lights or natural lighting, the same principles apply.  If you follow the principles, all of your portraits and product shots will look spectacular. 

Real-Estate Photography

Designed with Real Estate professionals in mind, this module tells you the tricks professional Real Estate photographers simply will not tell you.  Your listings will get more foot traffic than the competitions' when you learn how to take stunning photos (even with a basic camera).

Motion Photography

Motion photography doesn't require a $20,000 lens.  There are many techniques that you can use to freeze action (if you wish) or accentuate motion.  The techniques take some practice, but the results are awesome!

Imagine What You Could Do

Be inspired.  Explore new techniques. Take great pictures.

Money Back Guarantee

Get the course, watch some lessons, and if you don’t like the course, just e-mail us within 30 days and we’ll give you  your money back. We take all the risk.