Color Photography Enhancement Course

Did you know that color enhancement has nothing to do with changing colors?  It has to do with the blacks in the picture.

  • Learn what all of those adjustments in your camera software really do
  • Learn what adjustments to avoid altogether
  • Learn how to quickly improve the color in your pictures with little to no effort

Using our methods you can drastically improve the richness and vibrancy of your pictures safely and easily. 

Ori Güttin


These are great courses! The lessons are conveniently short and to-the-point.  Photographers of all levels will benefit from them.

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Learn to Enhance Color Pictures without Ruining the Colors

Learn a better way to enhance the color in your pictures to make them look rich without ruining the color or making people look ill (or just plain weird).  Others will naturally think your camera is the reason your pictures look so good (Pros want you to think that too).  It's up to you if you want to come clean and tell them the real reason.

Color Enhancement is All About the Blacks

You Don't Want to Alter the Colors.  You Just Want to Enhance the Colors.

Color Original

This is a picture of turning grape leaves in the fall.  The camera captures all the colors, but they don't look all that impressive.

Saturation Adjustment

The saturation adjustment is the go-to adjustment for most photographers (Pros included), but saturation ruins the colors and reduces highlights.

Enhanced Our Way

Using our techniques, the color is more rich, the highlights are retained and the colors don't run together like they do with the saturation adjustment.

Color Enhancement that Protects Skin Tones

All Skin Tones are Tricky Things.  Even a Slight Change is noticeable.  Our Techniques Preserve Skin Tones.

Color Original

In the color original, because the picture was taken on a cloudy date, the whole image appears dull and washed out like the boy's faded blue-jean hat.

Vibrancy Adjustment

The Vibrancy adjustment is supposed to protect skin tones, but the boy's face and hands turn Porky Pig pink, the wood chips turn orange and the jacket glows.

Enhanced Our Way

Using our techniques, none of the colors are changed, they just become deeper and richer.  The boy - not the jacket - is still the subject of the picture.

Make Choices Like a Pro

Knowing What is Possible with Computer Enhancement Helps You Make the Right Choices when Taking Pictures

Choose the Best Subjects

Take pictures with enhancement in mind, so there is enough light to work with but not so much that you lose detail.

Enhance Like a Pro

Learn how to quickly improve your pictures software techniques used by professional photographers.

Create Photo Art

Take your photography from "snapshots" to creating timeless images, lasting memories, and pro-quality art.


Professional Event Photographer

These courses are an amazing resource. Topics that I had only read previously in a photo book are presented clearly and are much easier to understand through the video lessons. I was most impressed by the post-pro coverage on color enhancement; skills that everyone with a camera should learn.

What You Will Learn in This Photography Enhancement Course

Color Enhancement Topics

  • Learn how to make colors pop off the page
  • Learn how each editing adjustment affects your pictures
  • Learn the BEST WAYS to enhance pictures on a budget
  • Learn the FASTEST WAYS to get pro-quality results
  • Learn the camera features that affect color and how to use them
  • How to improve colors without ruining skin tones
  • Learn which adjustments (even those used by some pros) to avoid completely
  • And more ...


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