Advanced Photography Course

Pros are quick to teach you the basics, but they have secrets; secrets they don't want you to know.

  • Learn how the brain perceives beauty and depth
  • Learn how to make your pictures look 3-dimensional
  • Learn how create interest and intrigue
  • Learn how to make each picture tell a story

This course teaches you the subtle tricks that make professional photos look remarkable.

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Master Core Photographic Principles

These two pictures were taken moments apart in the same lighting conditions (no flash) and using the same camera.  The difference between them simply is the principles and techniques we teach in this course.

Typical Photo

Despite their sophisticated technology, cameras do not see what we see.  Where we see blue water and the details of a face, the camera sees bright sunlight.  And that's all it sees.

Frameable Memory

Simply shooting a picture with your subject off-center can make a big difference, but the angle to the sun to the subject is also important.  Using our principles, you can make every picture a "keeper."

Go Beyond the Basics

Different shapes require different composition.  If you so much as tilt your camera or point it up or down, the rules can change.  This trips up a lot of photographers.  But if you learn how to make the transition, you can reach new heights of artistry.

Spirals and Circles

Spirals and circles can be accentuated when shot correctly, but you have to know the end goal BEFORE you take the picture.


Diagonal subjects are very sensitive to the shape of the picture (the aspect ratio).  An image that looks good in 4x6 may not look good in 8x10.

Complex Shapes

What do you do with this?  It's got lines, squares and angles galore; and we are looking up at it.  We'll teach you how to make the right choices.

Make Choices Like a Pro

The human brain sees depth even when it isn't there.  These images are flat, but in each case your brain sees depth and distance; almost like you can reach into the photo.  We teach you the PRO KEYS to creating depth and generating interest.

Sieze Opportunity

You'll find yourself carrying a camera everywhere you go, because great shots are available around every corner

Get Creative

This picture is flipped around.  It is more a picture of the rock than the bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is a feature that gives the picture depth.

Master Subtle Tricks

We've received a ton of complements through the years on this picture.  The key to its appeal is a very subtle trick.

Enhance Your Pictures the Right Way

You want to enhance the colors in your photos; not change them.  We teach you the RIGHT WAY to enhance colors.

Color Original

This is a picture of turning grape leaves in the fall.  The camera captures all the colors, but they don't look all that impressive.

Bad Adjustment

The saturation adjustment is the go-to adjustment for most photographers (Pros included), but saturation ruins the colors and reduces highlights.

Enhanced Our Way

Using our techniques, the color is more rich, the highlights are retained and the colors don't run together like they do with the saturation adjustment.


Professional Event Photographer

These courses are an amazing resource. Topics that I had only read previously in a photo book are presented clearly and are much easier to understand through the video lessons. I was most impressed by the post-pro coverage on color enhancement; skills that everyone with a camera should learn.

What You Will Learn in This Photography Course

All of our courses are video-based and streamed to your Internet connected device(s).  You have 12-months access to the course content from the time of purchase.  (If you ask really nicely we may extend your access for a while longer.)

Essential Photography Skills and Techniques (Included)

  • How your mind perceives beauty and why proportion is so important to your pictures
  • The BEST KEYS to placing your subjects in the frame
  • Special ways used by Pros to improve pictures
  • How to adjust your composition when the subject is really close or really far away
  • EASY WAYS to crop your pictures to make your subject the star of the picture
  • And more ...

Advanced Photography Skills and Techniques

  • When basic composition rules fail ... and why
  • Learn PROFESSIONAL TRICKS to make spiral and circular objects look amazing
  • The simple keys to taking great pictures of diagonal and symmetrical objects
  • EASY WAYS to reduce background distractions through camera techniques
  • What to do with complex subjects that match several rules
  • How the mind perceives depth and how to use it to your advantage
  • 8 PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES to make your pictures look 3-dimensional
  • The secret tips pros use when depth cues are missing from the scene
  • Photo Journalistic techniques to tell stories with your pictures
  • NEW WAYS to add a sense of mystery and intrigue to your pictures
  • And more ...

Color Enhancement (Included)

  • Learn how to make colors pop off the page
  • Learn how each editing adjustment affects your pictures
  • Learn the BEST WAYS to enhance pictures on a budget
  • Learn the FASTEST WAYS to get pro-quality results
  • Learn the camera features that affect color and how to use them
  • EASY WAYS to crop your pictures to make your subject the star of the picture
  • How to improve colors without ruining skin tones
  • And more ...


Take Your Photography to a New Level


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