Black and White Photography Course

Did you know that Black and White photography is more about the colors than it is about the grays?

  • Learn what subjects make good black and white pictures
  • Learn what to focus on when taking black and white pictures
  • What ALL pictures need to look good in black and white

We can't turn you into Ansel Adams overnight, but we can show you the methods he used to take his pictures (with a modern twist of course).

Ori G├╝ttin Co-Founder,

These are great courses! The lessons are conveniently short and to-the-point.  Photographers of all levels will benefit from them.

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Take Better Black and White Pictures ... Faster

Black and White pictures are ALL about the colors.  It sounds crazy ... I know, but it is one of the biggest reasons why Black and White pictures turn out dull, gray and  unremarkable.  The other big reason is that photographers don't know how to enhance Black and White pictures, because this is a very different process than Color enhancement.

Black and White Photography is Different than Color

Just Converting Your Pictures to Black and White Won't Give You a Good Result

Color Original

Here is a colorful flower that stands out from the leaves, and the pedals have a visible delicate texture. 

Straight to B&W

Converted straight to Black and White, the flower turns gray and blends in with the leaves.  The dark color makes the texture look less than delicate.

B&W Enhanced

Using our techniques, you can make the flower stand out from the background and bring out the delicate pedal texture.

Make Choices Like a Pro

Black and White Subjects, Lighting and Enhancement Require a New Set of Eyes

Choose the Best Subjects

Dirt and grime are your friends.  At least they are with Black and White photography.  You will learn what makes a great Black and White subject.

Enhance Like a Pro

Color is probably the most important part of any picture you convert to Black and White.  You will learn how to look at scenes in Black and White.

Create Lasting Memories

A Black and White photo is timeless and classic.  That is, if you do it well.  You will learn how to enhance pictures like a Pro, so your photos stand the test of time.

Cory Professional Photographer

These courses are an amazing resource. Topics that I had only read previously in a photo book are presented clearly and are much easier to understand through the video lessons. I was most impressed by the post-pro coverage on enhancement; skills that everyone with a camera should learn.

What You Will Learn in This Photography Course

Black and White Photography Techniques and Enhancement Methods

  • Learn what subjects make the best black and white pictures
  • Learn the classic Zone Method for black and white exposure and see how it can help you take better black and white pictures
  • Learn how to use the color in your pictures to your advantage
  • Learn how lighting for black and white is different than lighting for color images
  • Learn in-depth black and white enhancement techniques fo a dramatic look
  • And More ...

Advanced Enhancement Techniques and Methods (Included)*

  • Learn what pros do to make their subject stand out
  • The THREE WAYS professionals apply localized enhancements
  • Learn how to fix bad lighting after the fact
  • How to make each picture look the same as your eyeball sees it (or better)
  • How to de-emphasize distracting objects without Photoshoping them
  • How to make the finished image sharper and clearer than the original image
  • And More ...

Color Enhancement (Included)

It may seem odd to include a color enhancement course in a Black & White course, but - as odd as it sounds - Black & White photography and enhancement is all about adjusting the colors and filtering colors to get a dramatic picture.

  • Learn how to make colors pop off the page
  • Learn how each editing adjustment affects your pictures, so you can enhance your pictures with confidence
  • Learn the BEST WAYS to enhance pictures on a budget
  • Learn the FASTEST WAYS to get pro-quality results
  • Learn the camera features that affect color and how to use them
  • How to improve colors without ruining skin tones
  • Learn which adjustments (even those used by some pros) to avoid completely
  • And more ...

*The Professional Enhancement Course - when purchased separately - contains the Image Correction Course.  The Image Correction Course content IS NOT included in the Black and White Photography Course.


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