Real Estate Photography

Take real estate photos that sell, without hiring a photographer!

Don't underestimate the value of good pictures. Even our humble generated a huge amount of foot traffic with these pictures.

Dear Real Estate Agents, Decorators and Anyone Who Sells Real Estate or Related Services:

Are you a realtor, real estate investor or homeowner who wants your real estate listings to attract more buyers, sell for more and sell faster? Then this course is for you.

Are you a home stager, decorator, painter or carpenter who wants a portfolio that shows the quality of your work?  Then this course is for you, too!

In 2012, my wife and I moved to the city and had to sell our home. The real estate market was flooded with foreclosures and short-sales. With all of real estate available in the area (including an identical house across the street) the comps were dragging down our home value. Our realtor was the best in the area, and given the situation, he didn’t think the property pictures - whether average or awesome - would matter that much.  But when he saw our pictures, he decided to give them a try.

Long story short, our realtor listed the house on a Tuesday.  We had 10 offers before the Saturday open house and 40 offers in less than a week. Our humble home exceeded the market by over 20%.

After seeing the overwhelming foot traffic generated by having really good interior and exterior pictures (our neighbors actually complained about the traffic), our realtor made another appointment with us ... to learn how to take real estate pictures.

The real estate photography secrets we used to take our listing photos are exactly the same​ secrets you'll learn from this course. Taking this course is the most important thing you can do for your business.

The #1 Secret to Great Real Estate Listings

The Exterior Picture is the First Shot Buyers See

This one shot could be the difference between a quick sell and sitting on the market for 6-months

(Better than) Typical Listing Photo

Typical listing photos make houses looks small, dark and uninviting (and this one is better than most). 

With Our Methods

With our techniques, you can take significantly better listing photos without breaking the bank and without committing a massive amount of time to the effort.

In today's real estate market, 96% of buyers view properties online before calling.  You must learn to take real estate pictures that stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of buyers better than your competition.

But hiring a professional photographer - or buying a super expensive camera - is NOT the answer.


We have taken our secrets for taking real estate photos and adapted them to the needs of real estate agents who use a point-and-shoot camera and don't have the time - or desire - to setup studio lighting kit to take pictures of every property they list.

Interior Photos are Different than Exterior Photos

Each room in a real-estate interior is slightly different, but we make it really simple with our guidelines

The Dark Shot

This common mistake in interior real-estate photography can be avoided by understanding what the camera sees (and fooling it).

The Bright Spot Shot

This is a better mistake to make.  The room is bright.  The bright spot on the bed (and the fact that I can see through the window) still look unprofessional. 

The Sell Shot

Using our techniques, you can get attractive interior shots and still be able to make quick work of your photography walk-through.

You can learn practical ways to take great real estate pictures with a point-and-shoot camera and a few work lights from the local hardware store! This course teaches you simple ways to make huge improvements in your real estate photos. You’ll finally be able to take real estate photos that really sell … on your own!


In this self-paced course, we reveal the secrets to making your real estate photos stand out so your homes sell fast.

  • How to use a point-and-shoot camera or low-end Digital SLR to create professional quality real estate photographs
  • Generate more foot traffic for you open houses and get interest through your online listing with real estate pictures that showcase your home
  • Attract motivated buyers with real estate images that feature things they care about
  • The BEST KEYS no one is teaching to take great real estate photos that make the home look worth more
  • The best times of day to take interior and exterior real estate photos
  • How to make each interior room (staged or not) look brighter and more inviting
  • EASY ways to make every real estate photo pop off the page by using basic photo editing software that comes with your camera
  • Page layout secrets to make flyers look great
  • Step-by-step instruction - you see what I do with each real estate photo and walk you through each method
Christine Rae President, CSP International

For real estate professionals, amazing photos are critical to selling. This online real estate photography course really delivers.  You will learn real estate photography in a way that is easy to learn and practical for agents and stagers alike. It definitely gets the CSP International thumbs up!

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Get INSTANT ACCESS to this self-paced digital video course. Each bite size segment (averaging 3 minutes each) is packed with information. You can watch lessons between appointments or dive in for an hour and watch the whole course. Don’t think an hours is a lot? I don’t waste your time stumbling about trying to figure out what to say while I’m on camera. My lessons are pre-planned, very concise and I edit out all the fluff. Each minute of video is concentrated instruction.




We are so confident that this real estate photography course will help you, that we give you a full 30-days to watch, learn and decide for yourself. This is the digital era equivalent to an empty jar guarantee, because you can easily watch all the videos in the course within the first 30-days. We stand behind this course.

If you do want your money back, we’d love to know where it fell short, but we are not going to ask you! There will be no questions, no hassle and no delays. We’ll get you your money back as fast as the banking system will allow.


Our Color Enhancement Course is included at no extra charge (a $97 value)


  • Learn how to make colors pop off the page
  • Learn how each editing adjustment affects your pictures, so you can enhance your pictures with confidence
  • Learn the BEST WAYS to enhance pictures on a budget
  • Learn the FASTEST WAYS to get pro-quality results
  • Learn the camera features that affect color and how to use them
  • How to improve colors without ruining skin tones
  • Learn which adjustments (even those used by some pros) to avoid completely
  • And more ...


Don't Take Another Home Photo Before Taking This Course!




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