Real-Estate Photography Course

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Dear Real-Estate Brokers, Agents, Home Stagers, contractors, painters, landscapers and anyone who sells Real-Estate or related services; do you want your listings to attract more buyers and sell faster?

Taking great pictures is critical to your business. If customers don't like your pictures, they won't call.

Learn to take pictures that sell!


Christine Rae President, CSP International

For real-estate professionals, amazing photos are critical to selling. This online real-estate photography course really delivers.  It teaches real-estate photography in a way that is easy to learn and practical for agents and stagers alike. It definitely gets the CSP International thumbs up!

Learn to Take Pictures That Sell

Whether you are a designer, stager, carpenter, painter or real-estate agent; to a client, your work is only as good as the pictures they see. Having great pictures can bring in a lot of new business.  And if you are a realtor, your pictures either draw in foot traffic or drive buyers away.


To make cabinet work look appealing you need to make sure the lines and angles are right.  We show you how pros use the lines to their advantage.


Like kitchens, the lines formed by the walls and tile-work can add depth an otherwise small space. We show you how to make bathrooms look spacious.


Designers and stagers need to create a mood.  The pictures you take of your room designs need to show off a lifestyle vibe.


Painters need to capture color accurately and designers need to emphasize materials and texture.  We'll show you how.

Home Exteriors

A good listing photo makes a house look big, bright and beautiful (this little house got 40 offers and set the market).

To showcase your designs, craftsmanship or property listings; you need to show clients pictures that look great. We teach you practical ways to take great pictures ... on your own!

For Listings, Exterior Pictures are the First Shots Buyers See

This one shot could be the difference between a quick sell and sitting on the market for 6-months

Typical Listing Photo

Typical listing photos make houses looks small, dark and uninviting (and this one is better than most). 

The Sell Shot

With our techniques, you can take significantly better listing photos without breaking the bank and without committing a massive amount of time to the effort.

Interior Photos are Much Different than Exterior Photos

Each room in a real-estate interior is slightly different, but we make it really simple with our guidelines

The Dark Shot

This common mistake in interior real-estate photography can be avoided simply by understanding what the camera see (and fooling it).

The Bright Spot Shot

This is a better mistake to make.  The room is bright.  The bright spot on the bed (and the fact that I can see through the window) still look unprofessional. 

The Sell Shot

Using our techniques, you can get attractive interior shots and still be able to make quick work of your photography walk-through.


This self-paced, online course reveals the secrets of taking pictures that sell!

  • How to use a point-and-shoot camera or low-end Digital SLR to create professional quality images
  • Generate more foot traffic for your open houses and get interest through you online listing with images that showcase your property
  • Attract motivated buyers with images featuring things they care about
  • The BEST KEYS no one is teaching to take great property exterior photos that make a home look worth more
  • The best times of day to photographs for interior and exterior shots
  • How to make each interior room (staged or not) look brighter and more inviting
  • How to light your properties using inexpensive work lights available at any hardware store
  • EASY ways to make your photos pop off the page by using software that comes with your camera
  • Page layout secrets to make your flyers look great
  • Step-by-step instruction - you see what we do with each photo and walk you through each method
  • And More ...




All of our courses come with a 100% worry-free guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your course, let us know within 30-days of purchase and we'll process your refund as quickly as the banking system will allow; no questions, no hassles, no worries.

Cory Professional Photographer

These courses are an amazing resource. Topics that I had only read previously in a photo book are presented clearly and are much easier to understand through the video lessons. I was most impressed by the coverage on color enhancement; skills that everyone with a camera should learn.