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Includes our Basic Photography Course content.




  • General Composition
  • Proportion
  • Vertical Subjects
  • Horizontal Subjects
  • Symmetrical Subjects
  • Multiple Subject
  • Composition Guidelines
  • Exceptions to Guidelines
  • Distance Adjustments
  • Cropping
  • Page Layout Principles

Ori G├╝ttin


These are great courses! The lessons are conveniently short and to-the-point.  Photographers of all levels will benefit from them.

All of our courses come with the same great benefits


Photographic principles make photography easier to master.

Professional Results

We share the secrets Pros will not.  We tell you everything.

Rapid Improvement

Every few videos will significantly improve your photography.

Step-by-Step Teaching

Lessons appear in a VERY specific order to make learning gradual.

Tons of Examples

With over 1200 examples, you'll understand each concept.


We describe precisely what is good or bad and how to fix them!

Photography Courses Built with You in Mind

What truly sets our courses apart is our unique teaching methods and our no-nonsense approach to teaching photography.  We don't waste time talking to build up our egos.  We edit out all of the fluff and deliver the goods.

Each lesson is a short, condensed video that teaches a concept or technique. You can learn a lot in a very short amount of time and make HUGE improvements in your photography very quickly.  


I've taken a few photography classes in the past, but this has been the most comprehensive. I especially enjoyed the lessons on depth and interest that described how the brain interprets what we see.  And understanding the "why" behind camera features made a huge difference.

James Photography Enthusiast


These course are an amazing resource.  Topics that I had only read previously in a photo book are presented clearly and are much easier to understand through the video lessons.  These are skills that everyone with a camera should learn.

Cory Professional Event Photographer

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

All of our courses come with a 100% worry-free guarantee.  If you aren't completely satisfied with your course, let us know within 30-days of purchase and we'll process your refund as quickly as the banking system will allow; no questions, no hassles, no worries.

Lisa Landis


Modern Photography Course delivers copious tips.  I've learned how to see the world differently through my lens and take some exceptional photographs.  I tell every photographer I know about this course.

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