Photography Basics Course

No matter what kind of camera you own, photography basics do not change.  What's great is that photography basics are things you can learn easily.  Our Basic Photography Course will help you in these major ways:

  • Learn the BEST WAYS to improve your pictures
  • Learn how your brain perceives beauty, and how to use that in your pictures
  • Learn how to take pictures that look their best when you have them printed

If you want to learn photography, this course will change your world. The principles of great photography are basic and simple, but the results are fantastic!

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These are great courses! The lessons are conveniently short and to-the-point.  Photographers of all levels will benefit from them.

Why We Created This Basic Photography Course

Over the years, we've taught a lot of people.  No matter how long they'd been taking pictures, each of them needed help in understanding universal, basic photography principles.  But no amount of surfing the web or taking photography classes seemed to help.  But in just 5-10 minutes - teaching our basic photography principles - we were able to transform their photography.

That is why we created this course. We wanted to help everyone learn a simple and clear way to understand photography basics and start taking great pictures.

What Learning Photography Basics Can Do

These two pictures were taken moments apart in the same lighting conditions (no flash) and using the same camera.  The picture on the left doesn't use our principles, the picture on the right does use our basic photography principles.

Typical Photo

Despite their sophisticated technology, cameras do not see what we see.  Where we see blue water and the details of a face, the camera sees bright sunlight.  And that's all it sees.

Frameable Memory

Simply shooting a picture with your subject off-center can make a big improvement, but the angle to the sun to the subject is also important.  Using basic photography principles, you can make every picture a "keeper."

Principles that Work for Any Style of Photography

The principles of basic photography don't change based on the style of photography you most enjoy.  Landscape, still, portrait and every other style of photography uses the same basic photography principles.

Travel Photography

Even with lots of  distractions, your eye is drawn to the boats and the part of the pier that is sticking out in front of them.

Still Photography

This picture is super simple, and yet it is still interesting and beautiful.

Family Memories

This picture violates one of the many ridiculous "rules" I've heard mentioned over and over.  But it follows our principle that makes it look great.

What You Will Learn from This Basic Photography Course

In this self-paced course, we reveal the photography basics used by great photographers to make pictures look interesting and draw attention to the subject.

Photography Basics

  • How your mind perceives beauty and why proportion is so important to your pictures
  • The BEST KEYS to placing your subjects in the frame
  • Special ways used by Pros to improve pictures
  • How to adjust your composition when the subject is really close or really far away
  • EASY WAYS to crop your pictures to make your subject the star of the picture
  • And more ...

Christina Student - Arizona

This is an easy and effective way to learn how to take better pictures ... on your own time.  I am even able to use what I've learned when taking pictures with my iPhone.

Kierra Student - Arizona

I love this course.  I've seen a huge improvement in my pictures since I started taking the classes!  Thank you!!

Linda Student - Virginia

This course is so practical.  I highly recommend it!


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